“the cupcakes were so AMAZING the kids ATTACKED them.. and the cake.. well let’s say we didn’t want to serve it.. 

we wanted to keep it all to ourselves!!!” 



“The cake was absolutely fabulous..   Thank you once again for the magnificent gift”


C & S 

“... not a crumb was to be seen !!!”

“As usual, you surpassed yourself! So many comments about the cake! Well done! 




Thank you sooooo much for the cake pops they are delicious

My fiancée has the biggest smile on his face lol, his face lit up when I walked in the front door :)



After 30 and something years that I know you I think it’s now time to tell you how proud I am of you!!! 

You have achieved everything you dreamed of! Love, family, friends and now.... Noelie Cakes!!! 

You are so gifted and talented!! You have so much happiness to share! With only reward .. thousands of kids’ smiles!!! 

I love you soooo much!!!



your cake was highly appreciated. Beautiful, beautiful


OMG the cake was to die for - lemon with lemon curd butter cream!! Yum, yum, yum!!


the cake is gorgeous!!! I am honoured to have it at my celebration ! Thank you so much 


Given my love for design, I can only say your cake was stunning!!! Not only was it beautiful in design, it was magnificent in taste!!!


Your Cakepops are really amazing. I didn't think that the taste will be like this. Really good and everybody likes it, little and big guests :-)

C. M. "The Little Green House", Morge

WOW!!! This is tooooo beautiful to even be touched!!!  Thanks again for you wonderful artwork!! They were a huge success!!!"

B. L. "The Little Green House", Gland


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